At Lindale Preschool we really value parental involvement.  In order for your child to get the most from their time at preschool it really helps if we can work together.  This can be done in a number of ways.


When your child starts preschool they will be allocated a key worker.  This person has particular responsibilities for your child.  They keep the learning journal up to date, keep you informed on your child’s progress and arrange activities that they think your child will benefit from.  They want to make your child’s experience at preschool as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.  Nobody knows your child better than you do, so your input is invaluable.  Let us know if there is an activity your child particularly enjoys, an event they have been to or a milestone they have reached outside of preschool.


We understand that not everyone can get ‘hands on’ in preschool, but if you do have some spare time then we really appreciate you contributing your time and talents.  Recently we have had a dad come in to make spicy potato cakes with the children and a mum who brought some chicks in for the children to stroke.

We are always happy to have extra help at preschool.  If you would like to help out then please see Claire, Fliss  or Lucy, or if you just want to stay to see how we work then you are very welcome.


We arrange regular outings linked to topics we are working on.  Parents are invited to join us, regardless of whether it is your child’s day to be in preschool.  We find that these outings are as beneficial to parents as they are to the children.  They give parents a chance to get to know each other and the other children.  Recent visits have been to Old Hall Farm, Historic Working Farm.


Occasionally we will invite parents in for sessions on particular topics, so that they are kept up to date about methods we use in our teaching.  Recent topics have included phonics and how we teach it, and the importance of messy play.